Niks Tea Irish Brew Lemon & Ginger Tea Bags


Contains 15 silk pyramid tea bags


In silk pyramids tea bagswhich help the tea to infuse better a Zesty blend of green China sencha leaves & Real pieces of lemon & ginger bits , orange & marigold Blossoms.

Our Green Leaf Teas are full of flavour a great boosts Detox, energise as well as those on weight loss plan.


Rich in Antioxidants ginger and excellent source of vitamin C & B’s lemon boost immune system, and are beneficial for perfect skin, hair and health.

Good for Diabetes,  helps regulate glucose levels slowing the rise of blood sugar after meal.

Lemon and ginger tea: helps treat nausea and indigestion, helps improve cognitive function, skin care, hair care, relieves pain, improves mood


Any time of the day refresh your Zest for life and enjoy this special blend. Rich in Antioxidants, vitamin C & B’s, Boost’s Metabolism


Niks Tea Irish Brew Lemon & Ginger Tea Bags☘️ 🧡